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The product

We produce post-it pads.

With questions regarding the production of post-it pads, feel free to contact our colleagues:

After you have sent the request, our colleagues will contact you shortly and send our offer via email.

Sending a request for an offer does not mean taking upon any obligations.


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The final color is achieved by mixing certain percentages of the components of four-color printing - cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). In some cases, the four colours may be used to achieve a black shade instead of 100%, for a richer, fuller result. 


Shapes detectable by touch, raised from the plane of the paper, or sunken into it, resulting in a unique three-dimensional effect. Depending on which side of the paper the print is raised on, the two distinct versions of embossing and debossing. This technique is most spectacular in case of prints with less small details (like large signs). 


In the case of surface treatment, matt or glossy foil can be used, depending on what the desired result is. Its primary function is that of protection from wear and dirt. In addition, it enhances the shine of the surface it covers. 

Paper products with FSC certificate

Products with a certificate of the FSC organization, from sustainable forestries.


=File Transfer protocol

It makes file transfers possible between computers using different operating systems. Mostly used to forward graphic designs. 


The graphic part outside of the cutting size. It makes cutting to size and punching easier post-printing, since, due to the technology, the arcs can only move minimally. Without a bleed, a white strip may remain at the edge of the product. 

Offset printing

An ideal choice for high-quality products printed on paper, in black-and white, and in large quantities. 

Offset polish

Alongside the aesthetic effect, its main purpose is to protect the product against damage from its environment. Available in matt and glossy versions. 

Proof printing

The trial print - also called a ‘proof’ - is a printed simulation of the final product. It ensures achieving the perfect product, since it provides an opportunity  to check color accuracy and potentially make final adjustments before the printing house processes. 


The colors red green and blue define the visible color. Most fit to show colors on digital appliances.  

UV polish

Similar to foil in its shine and resistance, but also useful on small details, not just on the entire surface. With it, we can highlift certain elements. 

Changing data use

This occurs when a single graphic material has a piece of data (i.e picture, code, serial number) which changes by the card (i.e the code number grows from 1 to 100 on the cards, or each card has a different QR code). The same logo, picture, code, serial number, etc. being shown on every product does not fall under this  category.